Pedrollo is ready for the entry into force of IE3 regulations
Pedrollo cares and has always cared about energy efficiency and environmental sustainability.

Pedrollo Plug & Drain

Pedrollo always pays great attention to the requirements of its clients, however unusual or unexpected these may be.

Fluid Solar: Ecological Innovation Fuelled By Solar Panels

In the innovation path walked since 40 years by Pedrollo, today we are proud to inform you that we broaden and enhance our portfolio to serve worldwide markets i.e.

Tritus: Submersible Grinder Pump

Pedrollo Company developed endlessly new pumps in order to cover not only new requirements in the market place as well as to meet needs of worldwide markets (160 Countries).

Top Multi-Tech: Multistage Submersible “Automatic” Pumps

Pedrollo Company is enlarging and updating continuously its product range in order to provide positive answers to the customer needs by improving performances, quality and reliability.