Top Multi-Tech: Multistage Submersible “Automatic” Pumps

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Pedrollo Company is enlarging and updating  continuously its product range in order to provide positive answers to the customer needs by improving performances, quality and reliability. This ongoing activity has brought to the release of TOP MULTI-TECH, multistage submersible automatic pumps, originated by TOP MULTI concept pump, a best seller product of the recent years with great impact on sales.

The stunning efficiency and reliability make this product suitable for residential applications, whether in tanks, vessels or wells even at certain depth, to get rain water from reservoirs to water by hand or to supply sprinkler systems. Models offered are TOP MULTI-TECH 2 & 3, both having P1 at 0.55 kW, although with different curves to suit the requested usage.

Opposite to TOP MULTI, whose installation needs an external control device, most likely Easypress, to get an automatic pressurized system, in the new TOP MULTI-TECH the on/off activity is operated automatically by a built-in resinated electronic board as well as by built in valve in the outlet port. Moreover the electronic system

prevents frequent start-ups as well as dry-running operations; and last but not least, the clog due to long inactivity of the pump itself.

While drawing the newest TOP MULTI-TECH Pedrollo technicians have paid a great deal of attention to have a user friendly installation and maintenance. In case of cleaning or replacement, the built-in valve can be easily removed by unscrewing the coupling on the outlet port, so that avoiding to disinstall the complete pump. There is a further feature: just in case, the TOP MULTI- TECH can work albeit without the valve, so that avoiding to stop the system.

By giving the TOP MULTI-TECH, Pedrollo offers not only a cutting edge product, with unique features in the market place, but also our usual Made in Italy excellence acknowledged worldwide: since 40 years endless improvement is our daily task.