Fluid Solar: Ecological Innovation Fuelled By Solar Panels

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In the innovation path walked since 40 years by Pedrollo, today we are proud to inform you that we broaden and enhance our portfolio to serve worldwide markets i.e. within 160 Countries our range of products improved by performance, reliability and quality. Development process drives towards environment and energetic efficiency goals as such bringing the release of our FLUID SOLAR: a submerged pump whose energy is provided by solar panels fuel an high efficient electric motor.

This is a brand new green product in which  Pedrollo believes to promote “solar clean energy”, a challenging area for sustainability  that heads to a bright future. FLUID SOLAR can be installed in those areas of the world whereby electric power is unavailable or too expensive, but on the other hand plenty of sunshine, as it happens in many developing Countries. It has been conceived to pump out clean water from a well (allowing up to 150 g/m³ max) and stored in an external tank taking water by gravity to an irrigation system.


Pedrollo launches 3 FLUID SOLAR models, with variable performances both in delivery as well as in head, according to the sunshine grade and the efficiency of the solar panels. Pump comes equipped with a control panel and a junction kit for the cable leads: from pump to control box and from control box to solar panels.

Please note that the electronic control integrated in the brushless motor (VSD: Variable Speed Device, i.e. so-called Inverter) converts the output voltage (VDC: Volt Direct Current) from the panels into alternate current (VAC: Volt Alternate Current) and regulates the motor rotation speed so as to exploit the energy delivered by the panels to the maximum: on a sunny day the rotation speed will be elevated with high pump performance, while on a cloudy day the speed will be reduced.