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Water pumps for domestic use

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Water pumps for industrial use

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Avila Water Pump Solutions

WATER PUMP SOLUTIONS to satisfy our customers’ needs.

Authorized representatives of PEDROLLO GROUP in North America, aimed at providing hydraulic solutions to satisfy our customers’ needs. Our products include Water Pumps, Pressure Equipment, Seals, Manufacturing and Supply of Dashboards, Replacement & Spare parts.

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Avila Water Pump Solutions

Our Philosophy.

With our job, our society and the environment.
In our solutions and products, we do our best in everything and focus on continuous improvement. Guaranteed!
Our approach and orientation towards the client and their needs.
Daily research to ensure our contribution to a sustainable development.

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Featured products

The most comprehensive range of hydraulic solutions

Water and energy are precious resources. A proper use of them can help save the environment and significantly reduce costs.

Product categories


Suitable for use with clean water that does not contain abrasive particles and liquids that are not chemically aggressive towards the materials from which the pump is made.



DC submersible pumps, made from heavy gauge cast iron offering exceptional sturdiness, abrasion resistance and durability, are suitable for draining clear or slightly dirty water.