Hydroponic Pumps

When we think of gardening, we envision sunshine, fresh air, and dirt. But not all gardening happens outside and in the ground. In fact, one interesting gardening technique allows us to grow plants indoors, year round, and without using any soil at all! The name of this type of gardening is called “hydroponics.”

Benefits of hydroponic garden


Fast Growth


Higher Yields

Avila pumps plays an important role in supplying the hydroponic industry with high quality water pumps, we distribute Pedrollo Water pump well-known brand worldwide, we have a solution for you hydroponic water pump needs.

Please take a few minutes to review some of our solutions below, and if you don’t see what you may need, please feel free to contact one of our helpful factory-trained engineering staff at 786-391-4491 or email us with any question you may have.



• Flow rate up to:
– 317 US g.p.m. for the HF 6A
– 290 US g.p.m for the HF 6B
• Head up to:
– 60 feet for the HF 6A
– 48 feet for the HF 6B


• Manometric suction lift up to 22 feet

• Liquid temperature between 14 °F and 194 °F

• Ambient temperature up to 104 °F

• Max. working pressure:– 10 bar (145 psi) • Continuous service S1

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