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Electronic pump controller


Application Limit:

• Voltage: 115 Volt or 230 Volt

• Water resistant

• IP Protection: IP 65

• Working temperature: 32° -104° F

• Connections: 1” standard

• Burst pressure: 95 psi

• Minimum flow rate: 0.5 gpm

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Product Description

When the pressure available to users is insuficient, it is necessary to install a booster pump. FLUX is an electronic device suitably designed to control the running/stopping of booster pumps, monitors the flow rate of the water running through and protects the pump against dangerous working conditions like running dry. When a tap is opened and the water demand exceeds the minimum starting flow, FLUX starts the pump and keeps it running, delivering constant flow, even when capacity request is low. In case of a leak on the system FLUX will never start the pump avoiding useless power consumption.


• FLUX can be installed in any point of the line (on the suction line of the pump or downstream, provided it is upstream of all utilizations.

• Thanks to its performing check valve, FLUX can start the pump at the minimum water request

• FLUX is compatible with different pumps to boost in coming pressures up to 70 psi higher.

• Friction loss is extremely low, allowing the use of the FLUX BOOSTING SYSTEM in different aplications.

• Circuit board is easy to replace and available in 115 V and 230 V.